Why RebarLite?

We listened to our customers who are surveyors and engineers. They had a need for a better pin or marker stake. We came up with this new product.

We’d like you to give feedback on how you have used our products in the field. Furthermore we also encourage you to let us know of any issues or problems you have with RebarLite. Our blog is your space to do that.

Our RebarLite design is Patent Pending and solves a multitude of problems with traditional rebar stakes! As the name implies they’re light, 5X lighter. We developed a special barbed shape that grips plastic caps. This shape minimizes damage to the cap and eliminates the need to deburr regular rebar pins. Next we added a multi-purpose hole that allows the use of a super-magnet or a surveyor spike to attach flat I.D. washers or Shiner Caps. We knew it had to be durable so we chose Polycarbonate for the material. It’s super tough, doesn’t react with metals and is capable of withstanding temperatures from -50ºF to 300ºF.